The Convention Bureau of Paris gives information about the state of emergency

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Paris-State-of-emergencyAfter the tragic events of November, many visitors and tour operators from around the world are wondering what measures have been implemented in Paris and in France. From the Convention Bureau of Paris, several elements are been clarified to realize the situation for the activities and its clients.


Borders and Movement of people

-Borders are open. All travel to Paris is possible.

-Schengen visas are still valid.

-The re-establishment of border controls concerns arrivals from the Schengen zone. In practice, controls are not systematic but any visitor may be subject to control wherever they may have come from.

-All airports, train stations and the Paris region transport network are operating as normal. Longer waiting time is to be expected at airports.

-There are no restrictions on travel in Paris and throughout the whole of France.


State of emergency

The introduction of a state of emergency does not have a direct impact on French and foreign visitors. It is a measure that seeks to facilitate and accelerate the work of the security forces. A prefectural decree has been adopted banning all public events until Sunday 22 November. Events in private places are authorized under the responsibility of the organizers who must adapt security arrangements.



-3,000 additional military personnel have been deployed in Paris.

-Security has been stepped up in 7 tourist areas (Montmatre, Chamsp-Elysées, Champ-de-Mars/Trocadéro, Musée du Louvre, Notre-Dame, Châtlet and Opéra): tripling of the number of police. Security has also been intensified in public transport: doubling of police patrols on metro lines, RER line A to Disneyland Paris and RER line C to Versailles.

-5,000 people have been assigned to security at Paris airports.

-Video surveillance:1,200 cameras in public places and 15,000 in public transport.



-Since Wednesday 18 November, all museums and cultural sites have been open, with rare exceptions.

-Department stores are open at the usual times.

-Parks and gardens, and theme parks and attractions for children are open.

-For the lalest news on what is open/closed from day to day, see


School trips

The French Minister of Education has banned school trips until Sunday 22 November.

Foreign school trips are not concerned by this measure, and are undertaken under the responsibility of the people in charge of them.

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